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In 1973, when Sant Baba Ishar Singh Ji asked Baba Ji to prepare video cassettes of kirtan vikhiyan (narration). Sant Ji offered him one hundred thousand rupees for this purpose to purchase the required equipment and a jeep but Baba Ji didn’t reply and kept quiet. Next morning Sant Ji repeated his offer, then Baba Ji replied that, I would stay at Rara Sahib and would not return home, if you are giving money for this task. When Sant Ji didn’t accept that, Baba Ji offered to Sant Ji, I would be happy to do this work at my own expense and please bless me for that. At this Sant Ji felt happy and blessed him for the success of his benefaction.

Baba Ji was very much aware of electronic media and used it for the purpose of spreading the teachings and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji across the world. He used video cassettes and audio cassettes for this purpose and made over 1000 video cassettes and 2000 audio cassettes in the process.

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